Tablao Flamenco Cordobés - Buffet Dinner "Gran Festival Degustación"

The "Gran Festival Degustación" ("Grand Tasting Festival") is a gastronomic journey through the regional cuisine of Spain. Starters are served at the table while the dinner is served buffet style.

Welcome cocktail
  • Spanish Priorat wine Sangría with citric and red berries foam.
  • Juice cocktail with citric and red berries foam.
Starters served at the table
  • Selected olives with rosemary from Catalonia. (CATALUNYA)
  • Manchegan Cheese cubes with dates and strawberries crocant. (LA MANCHA)
  • Dipping Andalusia vegetables pot with chickpeas cream and eatable sand (ANDALUCIA)
Iberian cured ham hand cut by a master carver
  • Extremadura Iberian ham sliced by a master carver and served with “Pa amb tomàquet” (EXTREMADURA & CATALUNYA)
Hot delicacies served by waiters
  • Paper cornet of Seasoned Shark’s snack from Cadiz with Majorcan fresh lime mayonnaise (CÁDIZ & BALEARIC)
  • Fried squid
  • Croquettes
  • Seasoned “cazón”
  • Bread crumbed veggies
Cold dishes
  • Pintxos
  • Pintxo of Spanish Omelette and Padrón bell peppers (EUSKADI)
  • Pintxo of Blue Cheese, pistachio nuts and apricot (EUSKADI)
  • Pintxo of crab with prawns, corn and tomato (EUSKADI)
  • Pintxo of falafel with mint chutney sauce and sun-dried tomatoes (EUSKADI)
Salads and Appetizers
  • Can of Spanish potato salad with frisée chicory and olive oil caviar (MADRID)
  • Can of Pulpo a Feira with La Vera paprika seasoning (GALICIA)
  • Seafood Salmagundi with fresh prawns mayonnaise and salmon caviar (ALICANTE)
  • Antiox berries salad with goat cheese and varied seeds. (ASTURIAS)
  • Avocado and tomato salad with corn tortillas (CANARIAS)
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables with delicious Romescu sauce (CATALUNYA)
  • Smoked salmon skewer with fresh seasonal fruits and lime flavoring (CANTABRIA)
  • Gazpacho with cherry tomato skewer and basil oil. (ANDALUCIA)
Hot Dishes
  • Seafood Paella (VALENCIA)
  • Vegetable Paella  (MURCIA)
  • Barcelona style cannelloni with sun-dried tomatoes. (CATALUNYA)
  • Catalonia style macaroni topped with bechamel sauce and chicken sausage (CATALUNYA)
  • Roasted chicken with Catalan sauce and cinnamon fruit comfit. (CATALUNYA)
  • Veal with Priorat wine sauce. (CATALUNYA)
  • Osobuco turkey with vegetables and potatoes seasoned with saffron from La Mancha (LA MANCHA)
  • Ratatouille with fresh salmon and basil oil.
  • Peppers stuffed with cod brandade (NAVARRA)
  • Potato gratin with cheese and vegetables. (ASTURIAS)
  • Seasonal vegetables sautée with Catalan Romesco sauce (CATALUNYA)
  • Steamed basmati rice with cinnamon and cardamom (INTERNATIONAL)
  • Paper cornet of Churros with hot chocolate (MADRID)
  • Varied ice cream with toppings
  • Miniature macarons
  • Mini Muffins filled with chocolate or toffe
  • Nuts brownie
  • Berries and cream cake
  • Canarian banana fritter with chocolate (CANARIAS)
  • Catalan seasonal fruit skewers (CATALUNYA)
  • Homemade chocolate truffles
  • Fried milk with sugar and cinnamon (CATALUNYA)
  • Drinks are included during the dinner service:

    • Red wine “Castell de Brugués para Tablao Flamenco Cordobes”
    • White wine “Castell de Brugués”
    • Rosée wine “Castell de Brugués”
    • Draft Beer
    • Sangría
    • Cold drinks
    • Water
    • Selection of Nespresso Coffee selection
    • Selection of Teas
  • Includes 1 drink per person during the show: cava (sparkling wine) or sangria; (or non-alcoholic drink)