Tablao Flamenco Andalusí - Flamenco Class

Let our international artist show you the most important steps of flamenco. The solemnity of the tangos, the purity of amalgam, the beat of the palms and the bustle of bulerías form a first-person experience that lets you feel flamenco.

Try one of our local wines with us or refresh yourself with a complimentary drink. And before the show enjoy a short video presentation about the history of flamenco and its main styles so you can leave Flamenco Andalusí knowing all about our purest art. Finally, discover some of the best flamenco in the city with our international artists, where you can also see some of the steps learned during the workshop. The sensuality of the guitar, the forcefulness of percussion, the passion of song and the purity of dance will make this experience end in the best possible way, loving flamenco and wishing to return to Seville.