Tablao Flamenco Alegría - Interactive Flamenco Center

The Interactive Flamenco Center can be booked separately for a guided visit at 12:30.

This activity consists of a visit aimed at those who are interested in learning about flamenco. It is a brief introductory course to flamenco carried out by one of our experts with the help of 7 large-format digital screens, information panels and televisions that serve as technical support.

The participants, through personal experimentation, will sing, dance, clap and play the guitar, thus allowing them to understand and value this wonderful art much more. This fun activity can be carried out by all audiences, where you will learn and live a unique experience. Also, if you complete the experience with the show you will identify many of the things learned in the course. Guided tours every day at 12:30. Duration: 60 minutes. Necessary to reserve 24 hours in advance.