Tablao El Arenal - Dinner Menu

First course, choice of
  • Tartar of salmon and avocado with tartar sauce and toasted bread
  • Salmorejo (cold, puréed vegetable soup) with garnished with cured Spanish ham and quail egg
  • Salad with burrata cheese, Raf tomatoes, red pesto, cured cheese and honey mustard vinaigrette
  • Grilled seasonal vegetables with two sauces (tartar and roasted garlic cream)
  • “Broken” eggs, fried potatoes, Iberian panceta and foie shavings
Second course, choice of
  • Centre-cut tenderloin steak, grilled pâté and a generous wine sauce with French toast
  • Creamy octopus rice with paprika aioli
  • Our version of cordon-bleu with a truffle and mushroom cream
  • Iberian pork tenderloin at low temperature with creamy truffled potatoes
  • Grilled hake skewer, cream of leeks and potatoes, mushroom cream and baby carrots
  • Grilled octopus’ tentacle with seasonal vegetables and Idiazábal cheese sauce
Dessert, choice of
  • Chocolate ganaché, custard cream, cookie, and vanilla ice cream
  • Dark chocolate lava cake with raspberry jam
  • Dulce de leche mousse, Genoise cake, and banana ice cream
  • 1 Glass of Sherry or Beer, 1 Glass White or Red Rioja, Mineral water (non-alcoholic alternatives available)