Kelipé - "Grandes Figuras del Flamenco"

*Sundays only

A tribute to the Great Figures of Flamenco in the XIX and XX Centuries
A trip to the depth of Primitive Flamenco, a performance that features the essence of flamenco as a cultural source, far from the commercial. A search for the same origins of Gypsy Flamenco. Every Sunday in Kelipé the flamenco show to pays tribute to the great flamenco figures of the XIX-XX centuries in the world of singing, dancing and guitar. Most of them forgotten in time despite their immense donation to this art, for its character and expression, so passionate and personal. A tribute that began with the figure of the great bailaora “La Malena” who ended her days selling candy, as the famous copla says. Thanks to the great popularity that this project gained in such a short time, we continue remembering those Pillars of Flamenco.