Kelipé - "Flamenco de Ley"

*Saturdays only

The show "Flamenco de Ley" wants to honor the memory.
"Flamenco de Ley" is a living legend that cries out in this show to the memories, to life, to the feelings and persecutions of a people, a unique way of being flamenco: El Gitanismo Inmemorial through the artistic language of each one of the components of the show.
Its own rebellion, without words ... devoid of arguments. Improvisation is the artistic language of the Kelipé Company. Without neglecting the technical execution and evoking the festeros cantes, such as the bulería jerezana in all its essence, or the gypsy wailing of the solea and what cries out for singing and dancing, the show becomes “chameleonic”, it transforms and varies on stage as it progresses.