El Templo del Flamenco - Mediterranean Tasting Menu

Dishes served in the center of the table
  • “Templo del Flamenco” Salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, raisins, tuna, goat cheese, fried onion in a tropical honey vinaigrette)
  • Selection of spreads (partridge paté with truffle grape jelly, cream cheese with a touch of Roquefort served with walnuts and pepper jam, Iberian sobrasada with honey rosemary)
  • Golden cod (crumbs of fried cod with sliced garlic on a base of fried potatoes)
  • Bulería style meat (traditional recipe: pork tenderloin pieces and mushrooms in a creamy sauce with a slight spicy touch)
  • Eggplant with molasses (Eggplant fried tempura style served with molasses from Motril)
  • Homemade house dessert
  • The menu includes 1 drink per person: beer, sangria, wine, soft drinks or water.